Speech On Animal Testing

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(Sing); I didn’t ask you to take me here, I didn’t ask to be broken. I didn’t ask you to stroke my hair, or treat me like a worthless token. But my skin is thick, and my mind is strong, I am built like my father was, I’ve done nothing wrong. So free me, I just wanna feel what life should be. I just want enough space to turn around and face the truth. So free me. (Speak) That was the beginning of a song titled “Free Me” by Goldfinger. This song is about animals in the cages of a chemical testing laboratory.Testing products and procedures on animals is the most vile and cruel thing that anyone could ever do.First I will reveal to you why animal testing is wrong and inhuman, then I will inform you of the excuses that people give to justify such …show more content…
Chang, a reporter for Science World magazine, did a study and found that almost all laboratory animals are killed after their experiments are over. These helpless creatures are injected with experimental drugs or they have organ transplants performed on them to see if the procedures will be deadly on humans. They also test chemicals such as the ones contained in kitchen and household cleaners, on these poor critters. These animals are also used to test experimental compounds, as reported by Ian Sample, a reporter from The Guardian, an animal rights magazine. As stated by Bif Naked, a reporter for the Edmonton Journal, it is still legal to poison, blind, and kill innocent animals in the U.S. These terrified creatures have chemicals and other potentially dangerous substances forced upon them and shoved down their throats and then they left to suffer for days, weeks, or even months with no relief. Britannica, writer of Compton's by Britannica, points out that not only does the United States still condone testing chemicals on animals, but we also continue to import the products that are tested on these poor defenseless beings, from other countries. Something that people don’t think about is that these animals feel pain too. In one year there are more than 100 million animals tortured just so the scientist can test chemicals on them. These creatures are taken away from their homes in the wild, then they are tortured, held captive, and killed, all for the sake of science. Laboratory animals are normally the small, cute, cuddly, fluffy, and defenseless critters much like the ones that we often have as pets. Lab animals often include bunny rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and ferrets. Scientists do thousands of tests every year and record all the results. However, these results only go so far, and there's not even a guarantee that they can be related to humans in any way; and in many experiments that is the case. An anonymous ecologist tells us that, thanks to The

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