A Lesson On The Lesson Essay

827 Words May 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Having the opportunity to both teach and observe in the lesson gave me an interesting perspective on the lesson. I was able to experience the lesson from two points of view. I have able to learn the importance of finding a way to integrate movement into a lesson. This lesson had a lot of movement, and the students seemed to benefit greatly from it. They demonstrated more focus and seemed truly engaged in the lesson. We incorporated some games, which made the lesson seem more fun, and the students were excited to participate. It helped the students to develop ideas about other living objects, and they were especially willing to share their journal entries. Some students got upset when they didn’t have a turn to share, but it is better than not having any students want to share at all. The students were confident in their work today and I learned how important it is to create an atmosphere that is positive and safe. The students clearly feel comfortable with Meaghan and me, and are willing to ask questions, share ideas, and contribute to each lesson by putting forth their best efforts. The students were enjoying themselves while learning, which I have found to be very important. I have also learned from teaching and observing, that students at this grade level need a lot of prompting and guidance. These students are still very concrete thinking, and need things to be put into perspective for them, such as the characteristics of living things. Some students thought that in…

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