Essay on A Leader Of A Cooperation

2094 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
To be a leader of a cooperation, a political party, even a sorority in college a leader must be reliant to the problems the group will face in the future and is affiant when a task needs to get done. Any group needs to strive past the obstacles that will come and know how to get things done for the group well-being. Efficacy and resiliency can be shown in different ways but I vital to survival in this world that can tear someone down who is not strong enough to face criticism. Let’s take a step back to talk about what is resiliency. How I would describe resiliency is being able to bounce back from an issue or conflict that came up. Efficacy can be seen as a process or the work ethics that is needed to get a task done inside of the groups, thus leading to less conflicts inside of the group. Resiliency is the power to keep going and to never give up and efficacy is how to get everything done that is effective. Some people that need resiliency to keep going. This is what makes and breaks a leader. It the power to change the face of things when a situation is looking dim. The consequences that can happen to a group when the leader does not hav3e any reliance is that a group can disband and lose supporters. During my investigation a group was formed on University of Northern Colorado campus called Bears Give Back. Bears Gives Back purpose was to raise money for St. Jude’s hospital. This group had great intentions and was getting positive results from the students on campus…

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