Essay on A Leader Is The Most Important Leader Type

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For the goals I have set for myself, the thought and action I put into being a leader is very important. I realize that individuals such as Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and President Barack Obama took on the role of thinking outside of the box, chasing what they wanted, and not stopping; all attributes of great leaders. Leaders come in many different forms, and obtain their aspirations in various ways. The definition of a leader is dependent on whom you ask. Trait approaches may be the most important leader type. Life is based on how you represent yourself and attitude. If people believe that you are someone worth following, they will follow. Kousez and Posner list the traits honest, competent, forward-looking, inspiring, and intelligent as the most important characteristics a leader should have. Of these five, I feel as if I need to improve on forward-looking. I often underestimate myself and by doing this, I limit my full potential. For example, at the age of 16, I would have never assumed that I would graduate high school a year early. Even with graduating high school at 17, I didn’t think I would graduate college at the age of 20. I assumed many negative factors would prevent such an accomplishment, but here I am on track to graduate and begin my life in the real world. I’ve never had a problem with honesty, and sometimes find myself being too blunt. Intelligence and competence go hand in hand, I have never struggled in school, at a new job, and find that…

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