A Leader For The Ortho Neuro Trauma Unit Essay

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During my leadership observation, I shadowed the nurse leader on the fourth floor of Parkview Regional Medical Center. She was the leader for the ortho-neuro trauma unit, which cares for patients with neurological and or musculoskeletal issues and those who have had surgical procedures that affect the nerves or bones of the body. The unit takes both acute and stable patients. When asked what the staff to patient and patient care tech to patient ratios were, the nurse leader replied that the staff to patient ratio was normally four to five patients per nurse and nine to twelve patients per care tech. The types of staff members found on the floor were registered nurses and patient care techs, with students performing clinicals on the floor as well. The nurse leader said there was one licensed practical nurse that was “grandfathered” into the unit to work, and that she also is currently working on her registered nurse’s license. The total number of rooms on the ortho-neuro trauma unit is thirty-six.
Many responsibilities were both listed and demonstrated by the nurse leader throughout my observation. The nurse leader is responsible for making sure the day shift staff receives their assignments which were created by the night shift nurse leader. In turn, the nurse leader who I shadowed has to make the night shift assignments since she works day shift. Besides scheduling, the nurse leader collaborates on overall patient care with the unit nurses during the morning huddle, and…

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