A Leader: Bill Gates: Portrait Of A Leader

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Bill Gates, Portrait of a Leader
Daniel Spainhour
Coleman University

Bill Gates started out a small, quiet boy with a thirst for knowledge. He began teaching himself computer programming at a very young age. Though he was highly intelligent he was also a little mischievous. He wrote his first computer program to steal passwords when he was 13 years old. When he was 15 he sold his first computer program. He dropped out of Harvard University to pursue a dream of what he believed would change the future. He made his own deals, created his own environments from scratch, and he went on to control one of the most powerful computer software companies in the world. He was on the Forbes list of wealthiest people several years running. This paper will outline Bill’s early life and his rise to power, his leadership skills, and his ability to help the world as a result of his great success.
Bill Gates, Portrait of a Leader

In 1974, at the age of 19, Bill Gates founded Microsoft. He started the
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This was an improvement upon QDOS, which was another iteration of Tim Patterson’s micro-processing software. Patterson allegedly copied parts of QDOS from a program called CP/M, which was the brainchild of Gary Kildall. Kildall was initially approached by IBM, the makers of the microprocessor, to create software for them. Kildall’s vision was to create software that could run on multiple manufacturers’ processors. A software that could be mass-marketed and was not dependent on one specific piece of hardware. Gary Kildall was in inventor. Bill Gates was a visionary with purpose. He purchased QDOS for $50,000, improved it, called it DOS, and sold it per license to IBM. Together, IBM and Microsoft continuously hedged out the competition before new companies could get up and gather momentum, thus solidifying the two companies as the industry standard for personal computers, and the best place to turn to for

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