Essay on A Interview On My First Year

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Hale Interview:
Unforgettable memory: when i was called to go out in between the weight room and common because there was a problem so i grab my radio and i ask mr shipley because it was after school and there was no here, just me, so i go out the back doors and there 's a pirate ship! Well it 's a pick-up truck that someone built a pirate ship, and it looked just like a pirate ship, and the whole staff was in the pirate ship,and there was a brass plaque with my name on it, and it said u.s.s. Hale was painted on the back. I started to cry and I was crying and hugging then they had some apple cider and it looked like champagne so I was drinking the champagne. It was unforgettable, that was unforgettable yea.
Who has the biggest impact on your life and why? Now this is a little story about my first year here. I’d say it was my first month and it was september 2003, k, my phone rang, and I picked it up, and it was a teacher I knew at ashland high school, he said jani, I 'm so glad you 're principle, because we 've been thinking about this for a long time and we have a great idea. I go what 's your great idea? Well Ashland will send to you, Phoenix High School, all the students who don 't want to go to college, and you send to ashland high school all the students who do want want to go to college. And I said I don’t think so, BYE BYE! Because what that did for me is it give me so much determination, passion, anger, and a vision. A vision for the school, that boo ya, we will be…

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