A Interview About A Program Director Of Revenue Development Of University Of Houston Department Of Athletics

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When I first walked into Ms. Sampson office I was really nervous making it to her office a few minutes early to her office. Once I arrived I asked how her day has been so far and she responded very good so far so then the interview started. Ms. Sampson is currently the Program Director of revenue development of University of Houston Department of Athletics. Prior to arriving there she was an account executive with Indiana University during the 2006-07. Which she was responsible for sponsorship fulfillment and planned and executed all hospitality events for Football and Men’s Basketball games. When I asked about the benefits of her job she responded with during the season you barely have any days off and during the season you your arriving early leaving late. The benefits are good connection get to know people in the sports industry and on game days you work the normal eight to five then go to the games. The other benefits are you get to travel and see different cities during road games and the diversity in the Sports industry. She responded during the offseason you get a few days off and its more laid-back til the season starts back again.
The professional growth for her job is more experience jobs in sports marketing and development. The best advice she responded with was make sure you have a passion because you have to sacrifice with your hours and low pay. The other advice was to find a mentor and get professional growth in the Sports industry. She also responded on how…

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