A Internship On Pediatric And Adult Nephrology Essay

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Last summer I was one of twelve students from around the country selected for a premedical internship that focused on pediatric and adult nephrology. During the first week of this internship, I worked as a camp counselor at Camp Okawehna, a summer camp for pediatric nephrology patients. I spent the remainder of the summer following physicians at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital in the South Texas Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. The internship reaffirmed my desire to become a physician and provided me with several reasons that this is the correct career path for me. When I arrived at Methodist Transplant and Specialty Hospital I was eager to spend my summer observing as many surgeries and procedures as I could. I thought my time spent in the OR would be my favorite part about my internship. Now, more than a year later, when thinking about what impacted me the most from that internship, it is not the kidney transplants or the pediatric cardiac surgery that I watched that come to mind. It is the countless times that I watched doctors light up a patient’s face (for instance when they told a patient with kidney failure that they qualified for a kidney transplant), the relationship between the patients and doctors, and the positive impact that doctors had on their patients each day. Clinic days and rounding with the kidney team each morning ended up becoming my favorite part of my internship because those days I interacted with patients and was able…

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