A Home Visit With The Pa On 2 / 23 / 2016 Essay

736 Words Feb 25th, 2016 3 Pages
SC completed a home visit with the Pa on 2/23/2016. The Pa appeared clean, well-groomed and properly dressed in comfortable clothing (short sleeve gray cotton t-shirt and black and gray sweat pants). The SC did not observe any bruising or injures on the Pa and he did not report any. The Pa reported no change in his medication or health. As well as no recent hospitalization or fall. The Pa home is clean and clutter free. The reported that all utilities are working condition, including the heating and cooling system no infestation of any kind was reported. The Pa’s aide Roberta was present during the interview but did not participate. The Pa reported that he he’s schedule to see his PCP on 2/25/2016 and he 's eye doctor on 3/7/2016. No other medical visit was reported. The asked SC how he can get a lift chair because his recliner broke and he can’t not sit in the couch because it’s too low for him and his not comfortable. The SC informed the Pa to speak with his PCP at his upcoming visit and request prescription for the chair. The SC reviewed the DME policy with the Pa. the stated that he needs medical supplies (depends, wipes, gloves, and bad pads) too because it’s too expensive for him to continue to buy out of packet. The Informed the Pa to also discuss this with his PCP and she can give him a prescription for the medical supplies and the SC will assist him with the ordering process. The SC observed no change in the Pa’s cognitive functioning, emotional, and…

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