Essay on A History Of The World Of Six Glasses

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Tom Standage is a notable British Journalist, author and economist who wrote the book A History of the World in Six Glasses, in which he described the historical significance, environmental importance, ecological foundation of water being the main source of life. Along with these factors, he further explained the commercialization and industrialization of water over the last few decades. In the article, “Epilogue: Back to the Source”, Standage specifically focuses on the water being the source of all lives and the first beverage that humans drank along with the absurdity of trend of buying bottled water in certain parts of the world. Furthermore, Standage’s argument will be analyzed from political, sociological, environmental and economic point of view to assess the credibility of the claims he is making.
Analysis and Evaluation
Standage, right in the beginning of this article created an emotional engagement with the readers by claiming that the “drink of the future” is none other than the drink human beings have tasted for the very first time as basic necessity of life i.e. water. He further argued that for centuries there have been drinks like beer that have been considered an alternative to water, but with technological advancements, water has become of the safest drink essential for human survival.
Creating logical ground for the argument, Standage explained that bottled water has become one of the most extensively sold beverage all over the world; and is a multi-million…

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