A History Of The World In Six Glasses Analysis

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In the book A History of the World in Six Glasses, the author Tom Standage, travels through time along the history of six different beverages. He devotes each section to a specific drink and provides its background and origin, revealing how most all of them were first used for medicinal purposes before they were used recreationally. Along with this, Standage describes significant historic events of civilization, oppression, intellect, imperialism, and globalization, and boldly states that the events were enabled by the birth of one of the six beverages.
Standage first reveals the historic background of beer and then begins with how farming was first developed. He says that beer was really discovered by accident rather than created for a purpose. The farmers would soak their grains in water and they found that this formed a tasty liquid which they then started to add to their soups. Soon after, this liquid became a drink rather than a broth. It was then used as a social drink, a form of currency, and when urban water supplies
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He was able to successfully relate the most prominent events, accomplishments, and values of the world and its history and strongly argue that they would not have been possible without the presents of a certain beverage. He is also especially tactful and persuasive with this choice of writing style. He was able to reach out to all large audience, as we have all have the same common high school knowledge of the general world history. He also almost gets the reader’s mind as to say “The idea that a mere drink could come to embody these values [of democracy, consumerism, and the rejection of many long-standing forms of discrimination] seems absurd. And yet that is what happened during the second half of the twentieth century” (250). Standage admits to the reader that his claims are large and sound crazy at first, but then strongly states that they are mere

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