A History Of The World In Six Glasses Essay

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A History of the World in Six Glasses is a New York Times bestselling book written by Tom Standage, who is the digital editor at The Economist. It was published in 2006 by Walker Publishing Company Inc. This book presents a different view on history, a view seen through the impact six drinks had on different civilizations. It 's a book that forces the reader to think differently than just the ideas that have been taught in different types of history classes. Drinks have been used throughout history as currencies, in religion, as political symbols and as many other important contributors to civilizations. They have effectively altered the world in the past and continue to affect the world in the present.

Water is essential to survival for all
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portrays meats influence as negative this book is extremely similar as the food 's importance in the movie is just like the importance of the drinks in the book. In Food Inc. the narrator of the film is always saying things that make you think twice about the topic. I found the same effect when i was reading A History of the World in Six Glasses almost causes the reader to pull up google and fact check some of the things that Tom Standage says. It was extremely fascinating to read how these drinks were responsible for pivotal points in history, responsible for the rise of civilizations and for the fall of civilizations. Nearly every drink the book talks about consists of a positive influence as well as a negative. While tea did open trade routes between Europe and the East, the Chinese domination in tea production as well as their insistence on only exchanging it for silver rather than Western goods eventually lead to the creation of the opium trade from India that caused China to destabilize in the 19th century. Tea’s impact is one of the most surprising impacts in the book, and prior to reading the book one could have thought tea was only prevalent in the United States as well as in

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