The Importance Of Beer In The World

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The discovery of beer is linked to the first civilizations through the crops that are used to make it, grains. The book, “A History of the World in 6 Glasses” says, “grain soaked in water, so that it starts to sprout, tastes sweet” (page 14). The sweetness of the grain likely improved the quality of living for many of these newly settled people. It also advanced their society by creating a new desire for technology. The grain could replace sugar which put it in high demand. This pushed the society to create a way to create the sweetness on purpose. This was the first step to making beer and it made the people more curious and knowledgeable, likely affecting them in other aspects of life, as well. This is evidenced by the book, “When no other …show more content…
According to the book, “…writing was originally invented to record the collection and distribution of grain, beer, bread, and other goods” (page 30). Beer played a large part in the advancement of society and may have been the main reason for the creation of writing. Even if not, it seems as if the purpose for writing may have had some connection to do with beer, as bread is also made of grain. Page 30 of the text also tells about how beer is one of the most common words in Sumerian tablets. This implies that beer played a large part in Sumerian life. The relationship between beer and commerce is shown in, “they were convenient and widespread forms of payment and currency” (page 35). Beer was used to pay people for the services they provided in the temple workforce. Much like a salary today, the amount of beer received raised with a person’s position in society or job. Beer also came to mean good health, as is evidenced in, “The phrase “bread and beer” was also used as an everyday greeting, much like wishing someone good luck or good health. One Egyptian inscription urges women to supply their schoolboy sons with two jars of beer and three small loaves of bread to ensure their healthy development” (page 37). Beer was seen as something that can only do good and aides in many different ways. It helped people grow and it gave them long and healthy lives. They may have thought that there was no ‘healthy’ without beer and that one’s well-being was directly related to their beer intake. Beer had a strong relationship with many aspects of ancient civilizations and influenced the lives of those

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