A Guide On College Living And Dorming On An All Girls Floor Essay

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Dorming In Salem
A guide on college living and dorming on an all girls floor
College can be a scary experience and for many it may be the first time you are moving away from home, but there is nothing to worry about. College is a safe place to learn about yourself and develop relationships that can last a lifetime. So, even if college is not what you expected don’t worry everything will be alright.
Expectations v. Reality
We all dream and have expectations of how college is going to be like, but what we see in the movies isn 't always true. Here are three facts I wish someone told me before I went to college;
1. Friends
Making friends in college is not hard, just like you everyone is in a new environment and trying to make friends. Just keep an open mind and relax.
2. Roommates
Not all of us are lucky enough to be rooming with our friends and we don’t always become best friends with our roommate(s) and that is okay.
3. Partys
There is always a party going on somewhere and staying in one weekend won’t ruin your social circle. School always comes first.
When going to college more likely than not you don’t know anyone attending the university and are quite nervous about making friends. There are a few things you should keep in mind when making friends;
1. Invite
It may seem daunting at first but simply calling someone over is probably the simplest way to make friends. When I first moved to Salem State I sat in the lounge playing board games and inviting people to join,…

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