College Roommate Essay

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College is the time to step out and explore new experiences while seeking who you truly are. While exploring what life has to offer, it is better to have a strong support system, such as your roommate. Your roommate is not just someone you share a dorm or suite with- roomies can have an effect on your academic achievement, social structure, and overall lifestyles. Do not keep your eyes locked on the "perfect" roommate, but strategize plans to implement how to resolve a disagreement. While many schools randomly pair up incoming freshmen, it is becoming increasingly common for institutions anticipating on to whom students choose to live with. Statistics state that not only encountering a superior roommate just means you have gained a friend, but it could mean you stand to gain a higher GPA, an improvement on personal fitness, and a broader appreciation on diversity. There are also negativities to finding a roommate, not always will it be a match made in heaven. The downfall is that you could get stuck in poor pairing, could end up in an unhealthy state of mind, or pummel with a lower GPA average while pick up a not-so-great …show more content…
While having a college roommate has its inevitable challenges, it can also create memories that will ever last. There are benefits and pitfalls to finding the perfect peer to whom you share a room with. In order for your first year of college to be the year of your dreams, you must confide with your new roommate to make this desire happen. Set standardized negotiations, rather than rules, to set fourth for the year, this way it will be less stressful while trying to earn the academic grades your parents are longing you to conquer. Keep in mind that your colleague will have different likings than you; therefore, respect and support whatever it

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