A Group Of People From Cameroon West Africa Essay

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Watching this video reminder, I of seeing this group performed at a cultural event in Minnesota two years back. The sounds or music coming from animations, instruments, parents and children performing this dance make me remember the goes boo I had when I watched them dance. I could not image the performance by these kids born in Minnesota, U.S dancing and following the rhythms of the traditional dance music from where their parents come from so well as if they were born in Mankon, Cameroon.
People sitting anxiously waiting to see the walls come down by the animations, voices and playing of instruments of this group. Looking at the crowd going crazy, clapping, and shouting for this group dancing. The captain animating like an elephant , kids dancing like there is no tomorrow and blowing flutes like nothing excits, adaults making different sounds with their mouth and hands.
In the ethnographic paper am interested writing about, to a group of people from Cameroon West Africa called Mankon. Mankon means Long Tail. Originated from a tribe called Widikum. This Mankon Cultural development Association located in Mankon and America. (MACUDA). I have heard about this a lot and have seen them perform two years back in Minnesota at a cultural event. However, it is time for me to go detailed to know more of the cultural group, people have been talking about and seeing it personal and on video too. They are different branches across America.
“Mankon is a geo-historic community…

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