Male Dancing Body : Stigma And Normalizing Processes Essay

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Bassetti, Chiara. “Male Dancing Body, Stigma and Normalizing Processes. Playing with
(Bodily) Signifieds/ers of Masculinity.” Sociological and Anthropological Research. Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technology, Department of Sociology and Social Research. University of Trento. 20 Jan. 2014. Web. 26 Oct. 2015.
Bassetti explains that there are certain stereotypes that are placed on man dancers. His article examines, how can the idea of males dancing be socially normalized. During his 3 yearlong study, Bassetti takes various dance classes, performs, and observers dance, to understand the culture of male dance. Through antidotes, he explains how dance must be viewed in order for male in dancing to be more acceptable. This article is beneficial to the paper because it not only states some of the negative body image issue males have, but also gives insight on how the negative stigmas of male dancing can be changed.
Budowski, Jade, Erin Shanley. “What Men Want: Male Body Image in the Dance World.”
Vimeo. April. 2015. Web. Oct. 26. 2015
This brief video, documents the personal responses of current male dancers when asked about body image and fitting into the ballet world. In the video, the idea that the perspective of personal body image will vary between straight and gay male dancers based on how they identify with themselves was addressed. This video gives my paper a new angle on male body image and gives the argument a new pathway of research. This video may not be able to…

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