A Gloomy Day In Quinn Cooper's Life

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It was a gloomy day in Smalltown, Wisconsin. The town was so small it was named Smalltown. The weather was always the same but no one really cared. There was nothing interesting to do there . It only had one grocery store and a gas station. If you wanted to go to the mall, you would have to go to the city, which meant you would have to pass through the forest that surrounds the isolated town. Everyday their routine was the same. The kids ( which were not many ) would go to school and the adults would do their jobs, either it was farming or teaching. All the kids looked forward to graduating,that was the only way they would leave this town. Quinn Cooper is the only senior at school and she got straight A’s in all her classes. Everyone looked up to her.
Quinn wanted to leave this town more than anyone else. When she was only 6 years old her mother committed suicide. At least that’s what her father told her. Her memories that night were not clear. She remembers how her funeral went the day after. The whole town was there but none of them knew her mother very well since they moved to Smalltown only a month before the incident. Ever since her mother’s death she visited her grave frequently. She would place her favorite flower on her tomb and tell her about her
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She can hear crickets chirping and the wind blowing. She grabbed her phone from her jeans pocket and when she turned it on she squinted her eyes from the brightness. It was currently 8:45pm and Quinn was using her phone’s flash to guide her home. She thought she was being careful until her foot dug into the ground. She immediately pulled her foot out and found a brown book that looked familiar. She grabbed it and brushed the dirt off of it gently with her right hand. When she flipped the book open, her face turned into a shocked expression. “Belongs to Juliet Cooper” was written. This was her mother’s diary. The one that she was holding in old pictures of

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