Uglies Westerfeld Analysis

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In the novel, “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld, Tally Youngblood is a normal girl in a diverse society. When she is exposed to the truth, she becomes curious as to what lurks past her home. As people in her society age, they leave their individual civilizations separated from everyone else. From there they move to different, more advanced ones. At the age of 16 they go through a special treatment/surgery that advances them to New Pretty Town. When Tally meets Shay, they ultimately become close friends and before Tally turns 16 she decides to adventure with Shay. Shay knows people who have ran away and have made life by themselves. Westerfeld writes, “Out here, you find out that the city fools you about how things really work” (57). The city is …show more content…
This new city is open to letting you choose your lifestyle, it’s called Smoke. Shay brings out Tally’s curious and risky side. Together, they ride there hoverboards over rivers and explore what other people live around them. One night, Shay brings Tally to the top of a mountain, and there, they wait for one of Shays run-away friends David. He doesn’t show up, but Shay still is able to describe where he lives. Shay explains, “It’s not like here, Tally. They don’t separate everyone, uglies from pretties, new and middle and late. And you can leave whenever you want, go wherever you want” (86). The place David lives sounds so much nicer and allows so much more freedom. Tally wonders, how much better can it be? When Shay decides to go and skip the special treatment. Shay doesn’t want to be stuck in the wacky society where everyone is brain-washed, she wants to explore and have a better life. At Smoke, you get to see whoever you want, and go wherever you want. Tally doesn’t know if she should go with her. She knows she wants to explore and live in a world of freedom with Shay, but she remembers Peris, (her friend in New Pretty Town) and re-thinks her

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