Personal Narrative: A Horse, And A Mistake

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A girl, a horse, and a mistake
Bam! As the door to the shed slammed, and as I walked in to feed the horse, and the chickens, as I did every morning. I noticed something different about today. I noticed that the sun was shining, the grass still with dew, and the sky a bright blue, and the wind just right. I knew right then and there that today was going to be a good day, something exciting was going to happen, which could necessarily not be a good thing for my mother, or my father. Today is the day you learn how I Natalie Turner got grounded for the first time.
As I woke up and walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth, I realized that once again one of my wonderful siblings had squeezed the toothpaste all over the counter. As I rolled my eyes
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But that’s another story for another time. I saw toothpaste on her shirt and just took a guess that the mess in the bathroom was in fact her. So I decided to take a chance and say, “it was you in the bathroom who made that mess wasn’t it? Ooooh if mom finds outs you will be in so much trouble.”.
As Mary looked at me and said, “okay deal I won’t tell.”
I continued my journey to the shed to get the chicken food, to feed the chickens. As I fed the chickens and hid in the tree so that the rooster wouldn’t attack me I realized something, I still had to feed the horses before one of my many sisters came out and saw me in the tree and told on me. Or before my mom notices and I get in trouble. I instantly jumped out of the tree and ran to the fence screaming as the rooster tried to attack me. I got out just in time to turn to the rooster laugh and stick my tongue out, and walk away.
Back to the shed I went to retrieve the horse food. As I walked over to the horse gate, I remember something my mom had said a very long time ago. “Natalie you are to never ride this horse without an older sibling, or an adult. You are too young to do it on your own”. My mother
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As I called for the horse, “Jazzy!”.
You could hear the faint gallop in the distance getting closer, and closer. Once Jazzy had gotten to the fence, I filled her can up with water, and gave her a scoop of food. As she ate and was calm I decided to climb the fence and jump on her back. She was very calm while eating her food and I just sat on her with the biggest smile. Until she finished eating. Once she finished eating I decided why not kick her a little to make her walk. So I kicked her, and all in the matter of seconds she sprinted off with a twelve-year-old on her back with no saddle and no reigns. As I screamed the word

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