A First Year College Student Essay

751 Words Dec 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Being a first year college student was not as atrocious as I would have thought. Fortunately the guidance and confidence that EOP gave me was well established in my overall performance. The academic and social services provided by EOP created a great amount of benefit towards my academic success. EOP’s transitional program, Commuter Bridge is specifically designed to help first year college students acclimate into a new university environment. This head start experience that was provided for me truly exposed me to the demands of college, the required tools to successfully achieve such demands, and the creation of a support system with mentors who were previously EOP students. Attending this transitional program introduced a sacrifice that had to be properly handled in order to achieve it favorably. This sacrifice consisted of commuting on the bus for 2 hours in order to arrive to class according to schedule. A total of 4 hours on the bus had to be implemented onto my new schedule in the pursuance of generating a successful transition. The establishment of new habits had to be acquired such as being persistent and prioritizing what truly mattered in this new environment of mine. Losing sleep and managing my feelings accordingly developed a reward of adequate work ethic. My approach towards this semester could have been enhanced but overall, I believe a more corrected performance can be attained through experience. I am well aware that my attendance is a factor that plays a…

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