A Family Friend Name Maria Gonzalez Essay examples

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I had the chance to interview a family friend name Maria Gonzalez. She is forty-seven years old and was born and raised in Mexico City. She came illegally into the U.S. back in 1994. She comes from a Hispanic background and has been married for 25 years with four children. She has three boys who are in their early twenties, and her youngest daughter Marissa whom is eleven years old. “The microsystem is the smallest of the contexts in which the child is embedded and it is made of the environment where the child lives and moves and how they interact with others”(Gonzalez, 2013, pg. 6).
The biggest societal changes Maria has seen from when she was growing up to now is that kids are much more influence by technology than ever before. Maria states that technology is what is causing kids to be more exposed to the negative aspects in life rather than the good. “I feel like kids no longer socialize with their families because they are always too busy on their phone, either texting or on Facebook.” She also says that girls are in more danger because they are bound to meet more people on the Internet that influences them to do things they should not do. For instances, sending provocative pictures that later end up on the web causing many problems for these young girls later on in their future. Mrs. Gonzalez says back in her era they would communicate by visiting each other, or by writing letters and she also mentions that she has never send any provocative pictures to anyone. “The…

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