Essay on A Diverse World Of Class And The Teacher

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A Diverse World Who remembers being in class and the teacher saying, “find a partner” or “get in a group of four to five people” many kids would be exited because they would get to work with their friends, but there would always be one kid who could not find a partner. In today’s society we tend to gravitate towards those people who we look up to. At times we even start acting like them, by doing so, we do not take the opportunity to get to know other people who could be considered: nerdy, loser, ugly, or other characteristics we view as negative because it may be different than what we are used to. By teaching diversity and emphasizing it we would be able to break up cliques, give students the opportunity to get to know all of their classmates better, it would decrease bullying rates; which also ties into depression, anxiety, and low self esteem, and hate crimes. When you look up the definition of important you get: of great significance or value; likely to have a profound effect on success, survival, or well-being
The reason why I believe that teaching and practicing diversity falls in to an important category is because a lot of young kids are being affected by the lack of education of diversity. It is not being emphasized in schools that we need to treat everyone equally and teachers are not doing their part to create a more open mind set in every student. If we start to prioritize this it will reduce bullying rates in schools because we would have teachers choose…

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