A Diverse Operational Environment For The Improvement Of The Workplace

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For the last few decades corporations have tried to create a diverse operational environment for the improvement of the workplace. While providing a diverse workplace, employers need to provide equality, equity and fairness in the respective aspect for all the social groups that feel and/or are identifies with a specific organization. When we talk about equality, we are referring to the adjustment and adaptations that a company will make to provide the same opportunities for any of their employees in the aspects of work compensation, benefits, work titles, job opportunities, and others. Moreover, when we talk about equity, we are referring to providing the employees what they need to be on the same level of based on what they can offer to the organization. Lastly, fairness will be the action of that the company will take to provide to the employee what she/he deserve based on diverse aspects such as performance, years of experience, qualifications and others. As I understand, all aspects are important to maintain the employees pleased and to reduce the risk of any discriminatory legal issues. However, it does it mean that by providing by just providing equality it will be fair to all the employees since some people will have to be compensated in a different way based of several aspects of the job description and workplace. Equity provide a closer relationship with fairness, however, it could mean in some aspect to take from someone to give to another employee to maintain…

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