Descriptive Essay: The Influence Of Cages

Located across the street from a cross fit warehouse is a parking lot and many warehouses that many small businesses use as their offices or headquarters. This is a place where you would least expect the cage, a place that brings back many memories for me, to be. Once you drive into the parking lot and make a right into a more secluded parking structure that seems to be in the middle of nowhere, you can find the main entrance of the cage with the number 107 in bold letters written across the glass door. Security guards in their white cars slowly patrol the area very suspiciously looking for people who are up to no good. At nighttime, this place gives off a vibe that feels like you are about to walk into a top-secret club. This place was like …show more content…
The cage is the nickname for the rectangular shaped warehouse that Ben rents out and converted into a baseball batting cage and fitness area. This place has impacted myself today because it has enforced into my mind that working hard to achieve your goals does not have to be miserable. Even though we were working hard at the cage, it is still where I had some of my fondest memories over this summer. Once you step into the cage you can still hear the sound of a doorbell greeting you inside which was left there by a tire company that previously owned the warehouse to alert them when customers have arrived. You might also simultaneously hear music blasting through the large powerful speakers, which are located next to the door. The next thing you would notice is a large whiteboard straight ahead where the reception desk most likely was. On it is written in bold letters a motivational quote that is different everyday. Another thing you will notice upon entering the cage is the very old chairs and a box used as a table in the middle of them. You might even catch a subtle scent of In n Out burger from a late night food run the night

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