Essay On Ferrets

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Ferrets are very good pets but in California, they aren’t legal. Ferrets are not legal in California only and it doesn’t make much sense. The fact that ferrets aren’t legal makes sense; but what is weird is that California is the only state where ferrets aren’t legal. This text tells all about ferrets and why they aren’t and are legal. To a lot of people, they love ferrets and would do anything to legalize them. But there are others who don’t like ferrets; they have their reasons. There are also people who don’t have a say and don’t want a say in getting ferrets legalized because they don’t care. There are so many reasons why ferrets should and shouldn’t be legal.

California is the only state that ferrets are illegal, however, most people in California believe that ferrets should be legal. Since ferrets are only illegal in California, it is mostly people from California who are trying to legalize them. Every other state and place in the world, ferrets are legal. But for some strange reason, they are not legal in California. There are many reasons, and many good reasons that people have for not wanting ferrets to be legal. But there are even more good reasons that people have to legalize ferrets. The government decided ferrets shouldn’t be legal but their main reason they have doesn’t
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People believed that they would then live in groups and eat farmers crops. But people had clearly not studied ferrets at that time, because if ferrets got out, they would probably not survive long enough to repopulate. Ferrets would just end up dieing if they got out. They would also not eat farmers crops. There are probably many other reasons that ferrets are illegal but this is the main one. Of course, people who study ferrets should know that that is a

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