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  • Essay On Ferrets

    Ferrets are very good pets but in California, they aren’t legal. Ferrets are not legal in California only and it doesn’t make much sense. The fact that ferrets aren’t legal makes sense; but what is weird is that California is the only state where ferrets aren’t legal. This text tells all about ferrets and why they aren’t and are legal. To a lot of people, they love ferrets and would do anything to legalize them. But there are others who don’t like ferrets; they have their reasons. There are also people who don’t have a say and don’t want a say in getting ferrets legalized because they don’t care. There are so many reasons why ferrets should and shouldn’t be legal. California is the only state that ferrets are illegal, however, most people in California believe that ferrets should be legal. Since ferrets are only illegal in California, it is mostly people from California who are trying to legalize them. Every other state and place in the world, ferrets are legal. But for some strange reason, they are not legal in California. There are many reasons, and many good reasons that people have for not wanting ferrets to be legal. But there are even more good reasons that people have to legalize ferrets. The government decided ferrets shouldn’t be legal but their main reason they have doesn’t…

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  • Personal Narrative: Saving The Black Footed Ferret

    Saving the black footed ferret It was almost 8 am and John I were getting ready for our trip to Grass lands National Park. John is one of my best friends we both graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree on wild life. In the excitement of our trip we couldn’t sleep all night and now we were running late Due to getting up late. I was really excited because I had been studying the black footed ferret for a years now. And I was getting the chance to see it in person now for the first…

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  • Essay On Ferret

    Ferrets, similar to cats, are obligate carnivores (meat eaters). They can't survive without having meat in their diet. Although having fresh raw meat is part of the ferret's natural diet, it may include harmful parasites and microbes that create risks undesirable to pet owners. Only part of their diet is meat, because when predators eat their prey they eat not only the muscle meat but also liver, kidneys, and intestinal tract, and bones as well. If they were limited to just meat it would cause…

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  • Essay On Ferret Care

    Ferret Care - Taking Care of a Deaf Ferret To make sure you know deafness with ferrets is not an enormous issue. It is still an imperative piece of Ferrets Care. Ferrets don't use their ears too much. This is the reason it's difficult to let some know times regardless of the possibility that your ferret is deaf. Ferrets won't come to you when you call their name like canines will and saying NO! When they accomplish something incorrectly won't make them stop. The Most ideal way I find to tell if…

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  • Essay On Pet Ferret

    If you have decided to get yourself a pet ferret there are several places that you can go to obtain one. The following are the most accessible places for getting your hands on a pet ferret: 1. A Pet store 2. A Breeder 3. An animal shelter Ferrets have fairly long life spans compared to other animals of a similar size. Ferrets tend to live an average of about 8-9 years, which means that you should make absolutely sure that you want a ferret and have done all of the necessary research before…

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  • My Dog Research Paper

    Not only are they in two separate parts of the house but we also have wooden doggy gates at each ends of the hallways. We accidentally left my dog out one day the same time we let my ferrets out. Peanut, my dog, was laying down and did not even notice them at first until one of them started hissing, (yes they hiss.) As soon as that happened, Peanut popped up out of his sleep like someone had just tried to sneak attack him and jumped straight over the doggy gate. PEANUT NOOOO! I screamed as I…

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  • Kennel Company Case Analysis

    profit. The initial market for Kennel-Up’s new ferret cage was estimated to be 40,000 cages over a five-year period with a proposed selling price of $240.00. Based on the survey of focus groups and a market feasibility assessment, the marketing department expected that the new ferret…

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  • Essay On Random Breeding

    assumption figure is less than 0.5 (see table 2) the null hypothesis could not be dismissed. This meant that there is was no difference between the wild and founding population’s genetic variability. In relation to conservation biology, this finding is rather optimistic. Due to the fact that the two populations genetic variability is close to one-another allows for scientists to begin with a microcosm of the original population. This implies that if the correct methods of breeding are followed,…

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  • Obscure Sports Study Guide

    spat on opposing camels. c) A trainer led a female camel in heat by the two competitors. d) A musician played the flute, camels, as everyone knows, hating flute music. 4. In the sport of Bossaball, similar to Volleyball but including elements of football, gymnastics and capoeira, the playing court incorporates - a) Sand b) A Trampoline c) A Ladder d) A Floating Platform 5. The sadly declining sport of Ferret-legging involves contestants detaining two ferrets each in their trousers for a…

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  • Unit 1 Diversity Of Living Things

    The Toronto Zoo has been helping the Black-footed Ferret since 1992. The program is to help establish the population of the Black-footed Ferret throughout Canada, America and Mexico. As a result of careful planning and helping the Black-footed Ferret 34 were able to be released on to Canadian soil on October 2, 2009. The Grassland national park now supports Canada’s wild Ferret population since they disappeared several decades ago from Canada. Canada had bred hundreds of black-footed ferrets for…

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