A Day At The Sunrise Essay

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DAY 2 I woke up the next day to a beautiful sunrise. I looked around thinking I was the only one awake however in the far left there was a log and on that log sat a girl. As I came closer and closer she never once turned back. As I sat beside her she did not say anything. I looked were she was looking and for the first time ever since coming on the island you got to see its beauty, how quiet and peacefully it really was. As I starred at the sunrise the Gil that sat next to me interrupted saying "is it beautiful! Look at the horizon! It is a blessing that we ended up on this island." I did not say anything because I had nothing to say. As the sunrise rose so did the children and then the peaceful and beauty of the island died. All the kids started to cry and complain. It was all just so cautic. When Ralph finally found the conch after running all around trying to find it and then finding out the children were playing soccer with it, she blew it and everything got quiet Ralph tired and annoyed yelled quiet. Everyone was shocked we had never seen Ralph so upset. When I sat down on one of the boulders that were still left Ralph told us to pick a job and do it. That 's when Jackie got up and took the conch out of Ralph 's hand and said that her and the choir would build a fire to catch attention and that 's all the little girls started to cry and wine that they wanted to do it. Finally Jackie yelled "who every is the first one to reach the top of the mountain gets to do it."…

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