Essay about A Cultural Event Or Festival

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Watching this video remaindered me of seeing this group performed at a cultural event or festival in Minnesota, two years back. The sounds or music coming from animations, drums, instruments, parents and children performing this dance make me remember the goes boo I had when I watched them dance. I could not image the performance by these kids born in Minnesota, U.S dancing and following the rhythms of the traditional dance music from where their parents come from so well as if they were born in Mankon, Cameroon.
An African ironically expression states “the beauty of a woman lies on the curves around the waist or hip area.” This is attested when the dancers of the Asamba traditional music sweeps the stage of any festivals. Watching the Asamba group preparing to the stage, fills the air with a sense of belonging and jealousy and sometimes feels like lust in a World of fantasy wondering how such magnificent skills are inculcated into the children from 2-10 years of age. However, it is real. At the sound of the drums, shakers and maracas little girls and boys dressed in a tradition short specially tailored skirts and boys in a free style open armpit sleeveless, open chest shirts regalia move their hips in such a rhythmic fashion, swift and fast from left to right. It is dazzling to watch these little girls moved their curves from left to right in a simultaneously and spontaneous manner leaving one breathless. Taking off your eyes off the dancers just for a blink feels as if…

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