Essay about A Critical Problems Of The Brazilian Army

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Fighting Critical Problems
Traffic accidents kill thousands of people every year and leave other thousands unable to work or live a normal life. Those accidents bring not only damages for accident victims. Govern, society, victims and all people who pays taxes share the costs of those accidents. Waiselfisz (2013) states in his report that currently those accidents represent an overall cost of US$ 518 billion per year for the world population (p. 5). In Brazil, it is no different. According to the site Por vias Seguras (2014), only in 2013 more than 50 thousand people death and other 440 thousand people were unable. The Brazilian Army is facing the consequences of this large number of accidents. For a decade, the Brazilian Army has implemented training programs for its military become aware of the importance of driving with attention and safety; however, due to various factors it has not achieved the goals. Master Resilience Training could support in preventing problems that influence in the Army and society because it keeps the military ready for employment and decreases the medical expenses.
Traffic Accidents
In recent years, Brazilian Army is having troubles because of traffic accidents and its consequences. Traffic accidents mainly affect Soldiers. It does not mean that Soldiers are the only people who engage in this type of accident. Due to their young age and little experience, Soldiers are more likely to be involved in this type of accident. According to…

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