A Country Is A Nation With Its Own Common Language Essay

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Contrast in Country
A country is a nation with its own common language, culture, race, government, religion, or history. China and America are both different in culture and their beliefs of how they should live. As cultures have different systems thinking, sometimes foreigner may run into serious trouble without knowing the rules. Therefore, we should learn the difference values between each country, such as in the family, school, and workplace.
There are many kinds of families in the world. Most Chinese families are extended families; Asians believe family is very important and should stay together as a whole; however, Americans believe in the nuclear family and live independently; most children move away when they are twenty and live by themselves. Furthermore, Chinese parents spoil their children very much, particularly their mothers. They believe this is a duty to give the best to the child; therefore, the child will do the same to the next generation. On the other hand, Americans think it is a responsibility to raise their children until they are young adults, then the children should get to work themselves to get what they want. As result, the Chinese parents treat their children as their own private property, which causes them to become more dependent on the family, while Americans parents sometimes treat their children as a friend and promote their child’s instinct development, it caused them to become more independent.
The different traditional culture has a huge…

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