A Controversial Statement About Education Essays

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I am going to make a controversial statement about education, I think it 's extremely important. Not just for the kids of today to become educated adults of the future or to help their future prospects, while those are admirable goals I think it 's important for we who are old and jaded as well. Education is an ongoing ever evolving process, one we should not stop. I know for me education was a multifaceted process, very little coming from the classroom. Most of it came from hands on experimentation on my own. For instance I am good with computers not because I took a class but because when I was 15 I hated that my home PC was a piece of shit, so I bought a book and took to upgrading it myself. Honestly there weren 't all that many good resources to look it up in 1998, the internet was in it 's infancy at best. Or for instance I understand the color coding of a hope telephone box because when I was 16 I made what 's called a beige box, which is essentially a lineman 's handset, just to see if I could, I did. Though that leads me to one of the biggest issues present in education, if kids don 't do well in a classroom setting they 're labeled as stupid and thrown in a special class, at least that was my experience. Which is horribly embarrassing, especially if you don 't belong there. All your friends go off to regular classes and your stuck in the small class where any bit of competency is praised, which is not how the world works. I could have aced those classes but like…

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