A Condition Of Impaired Motility Function Of The Stomach Essay example

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1.0 Background Gastroparesis is a condition of impaired motility function of the stomach to deliver food to distal alimentary tract without obstruction. The clinical associate with gastroparesis is a nonspecific and wide range of symptom from asymptomatic with delay gastric emptying time to severe nausea, vomiting loss of appetite, malnutrition needs a frequent administration in hospital 1,2 and poor quality of life. The pathophysiologic cause of developing this disease still not clearly understand aside from associated with vagus nerve is damaged. Most common diagnosis causes of this disease are idiopathic and the other two common diabetic and prior surgery involved with the vagus nerve. In general, gastroparesis doesn 't cure the condition. The traditional management is to provide the patient to have disease free symptom and better quality of life. To date, no consensus guideline for the management of gastroparesis. In initial treatment, these consist of dietary modification, Medical therapy (prokinetic drug to promote gastric motility, anti-emetic duct to relieve symptoms) that effective for relief symptom in the majority of patients. However, in a small number of these patients have a significant relapse of the symptom.3 Carmen Moga4 et al. was stated the prevalence of severe gastroparesis in United State was 0.035% by estimate data from Medtronic news release5. Of these patients, one-third will be medically refractory gastroparesis patients (0.017%). Despite small…

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