A Complete Overhaul Of Our Current Computer Systems Essay example

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I am writing to you to advocate a complete overhaul of our current computer systems. My fellow employees grow more frustrated everyday about the current computers. It is of great importance to consider this proposal. Many problems with the computers are hurting the efficiency of my fellow employees and the business. Employees are having difficulty completing their work because the computer systems continue to go down for periods of time. Our technicians are hard at work to solve the downtime. The technicians do fix the problem but it does return. With new computers, the employees will be able to work at their best and the business will run smoothly. The downtime is only one of the problems being caused by the outdated computers.
The other problems that occur with the computers are that employees are having difficulty saving their data because the storage within the older hardware is small. Also, the computer’s memory is slow and cannot handle the current business models workload. My proposal is to replace the company’s whole computer system. By doing that, the business will run at peak efficiency and employees will be happier to be working with problem free systems.
Linda Jacobson from Nash Networks states that it is recommended to replace old business hardware every 3-4 years. (Jacobson, 2009) Ms. Jacobson also states that with continued use of older hardware that direct and indirect costs will increase with the age of the computer. We have had our computer systems for over…

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