Essay on A Career Description Of A Preschool Teacher At Headstart

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A Career Description of a Preschool Teacher at Headstart

Sometimes an adult needs to stop and speak with a four year old. As adults with chaotic daily lifestyles; a person sometimes forgets what life is meant to be all about. He/she may face many obstacles and challenges after having a child. Other than the obvious commonalities between young children such as walking, potty training and even speaking; comes something very important, socialization. For children younger than three years of age there are playdates or public/private daycare facilities. However for children over the age of three by August first of the calendar year but younger than five years as of August second that same calendar year; there are government programs such as Headstart (Retrieved from “”).
Headstart promotes the school readiness of young children from low-income families through agencies in their local community (Retrieved from “”). For similar age children, from anything above low-income, they offer a program known as Preschool. Depending on which category a family coincides with; different activities are offered. The Headstart Program offers transportation to and from a given location, or the child’s home; whichever location is closer. The Headstart Program also offers a few select field trips. Whereas the Preschool Program requires the parents to transport their children to and from daily. Among…

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