My Career And Career Goals In The Workplace

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My Career Goal
Shelore Fisher

To succeed in life, you should establish goals for yourself. I knew what my calling was at a very young age. My dream is to become an Entrepreneur and own my own business in the child care industry. I started working in the Administrative field and I have taught computer classes, however, due to my passion and love for working with children. I know I am on the right path now. I had to select three careers and complete individual research on salary requirements, job security, benefits, and passion just to name a few. Lastly, rate each career path and decide how important the criteria’s are to me.

My Career Goals
My biggest interest is in daycare, and my career goal
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The Professor Okorie whom teach the INT-1010 class asked that each student chose a career in IT.

The Importance of Ethics
In conclusion, per the Small Business Chron, on “How to Handle Ethical Issues in the Workplace”. It mentions that companies/organization develop a workplace policy based on their company’s philosophy, code of conduct and mission statement. It is then incorporated into their performance manual to hold employees accountable for their actions. (
It is your responsibility to read the agency’s manual and based on your moral and ethical belief should help you to decide if you can follow the agency rules and guidelines. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the Executive Director to hire the best qualified IT Company or individual to stay abreast of the current and future technology. There should be a software program in place to alert the company of security issues of any
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