A Career As A Regional Sales Manager Essay

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To some degree, all careers use marketing. My purpose is to write about a true career in marketing. In this paper I will tell about a career as a regional sales manager. Relevant information pertaining to this career are educational requirements, general job responsibilities, job outlook, and salary. One important factor in choosing a career is knowing about the educational requirements needed to obtain it. A general article from Wisegeek.com about regional sales manager lists many of these requirements. At least a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, marketing, finance, or similar field is required, while most large companies are looking for applicants with Master’s Degrees in addition. Hiring from within the company for this position is a preferred method of hiring. Because of this, on the job education is also preferred. Before rising in the ranks, an employee would likely work as an assistant to a senior sales manager to gain the desired on the job experience and knowledge. Computer knowledge in the areas of internet, email, spreadsheets, and word processing programs is a necessity. (http://www.wisegeek.com,2016) Another important factor in choosing a career is the requirements of the job you are seeking. Regional sales managers’ main goal is to get as many businesses as possible to buy from them and sell the product or products of the company for which they work. The regional manager will usually be the one to approach the higher level companies…

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