What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Sales Consultants

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Sales Consultant
Sales consultants are responsible for finding customers who would purchase their company 's products (in the sport industry, the product is often tickets). Sales consultants often engage in personal meetings with potential clients, both in and out office, and usually have a designated territory or list of potential clients.
Sales consultants are generally responsible for the sale of the company’s, or organization’s, products, keep track of potential prospects, make a designated number of phone calls per day to potential customers, and provide excellent customer service.
Individuals working as sales consultants are usually based in an office, and spend a good amount of their time on the phone or by the computer. They are also
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Furthermore, strong computer skills and excellent customer service skills will serve a potential sales consultant well.
The national average salary for a sales consultant is $48,439.
The number of sales consultant jobs is growing, but the current state of the economy usually plays a big role in job availability so any economic distress might change that. Given that sales consultant is a position with low barriers of entry, individuals applying for such a job can expect a lot of competition.
Sales consultants can move forward to a position as a senior sales consultant, before becoming a sales manager. From sales manager an individual can continue to move up (to such things as regional managers), and can eventually reach senior executive positions.
Some form of sales exist in almost every industry, so the exciting thing for anyone with sales experience is that they have the opportunity to explore different employers, different products, different markets, and different industries.
Related occupations include, but are not limited to, travel agents, fundraisers and customer service
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Amongst the important personal strengths/traits, employers like their candidates to portray a professional image and demeanor. Furthermore, applicants should preferably possess a positive attitude and show flexibility within the scheduling process. Some employers like their candidates to be detail oriented, team players, and other employers like their candidates to be driven, self-motivated, or showcase a strong work ethic.
c. Most recruiters or managers request that any possible candidates should have excellent communication skills, but some also places a lot of weight on excellent presentation and listening skills, while others prefer good planning and organizational skills. Some value multitasking, but others put greater emphasis on people skills.
d. Based on the job descriptions, it is fairly evident that the recruiters and managers are looking for people that are positive, and passionate about the sport their company is conducting their business within, people that knows what they want and has a plan for how to get there. Most employers value flexible and adaptable people persons that frequently showcases their eagerness to learn and their ability of collaborating when needed, but also not hesitant to take initiative when the opportunity presents

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