A Brief Note On The Seasons Hotel Chains Essay

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Four Seasons Hotels is one of the most successful and well known hotel chains in the world due mainly to its emphasis on great customer service. When Isadore Sharp opened his first motel in 1961, he made his business stand out from others because of his service oriented philosophy he instilled upon his employees and operation. At this time, customer service was not as big and well-known as it is today so Sharp was able to become very successful with this strategy. Sharp was also a great leader which allowed him to place this importance among his employees and train them to be great at it. He trained his employees through five qualities; recognize you must adjust, provide a message, strong personal value, listen as well as you speak, and desired outcomes are tangible. Through these five qualities he was able to build one of the largest and most popular hotel chains in the world. Four Seasons also has business meetings every morning to go over what will be going on throughout the day and who will be staying with them. They also talk about the previous day and not only what was done well, but what wasn 't done well. This is important because it keeps the business organized, helps everyone learn from their mistakes and keeps everyone on top of their duties for the day. From what I have learned about and researched, Four Seasons has the best leadership and strategies in the industry. They did not become successful by having the nicest looking hotel or spending tons of time and…

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