A Brief Note On The Health Care System Essay

884 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 4 Pages
Numerous amount of people walk into hospitals or doctors ' offices every day. The patients come with not only physical ailments, but also with extra baggage one might bring with them. This may include anxiety, financial problems, stress, and other personal issues. These psychological problems cannot be separated from the physical ones. Doctors and health care providers must wear numerous hats to offer complete health care. For example a doctor might be a friend, a psychologist, and many more things because the patient needs to know that the health care team is meeting most of his or her needs. Despite the multiple roles a doctor can play, today’s health care system is increasingly impersonal and health care providers are not completely treating patients. Human beings are very complex creatures and they should be treated holistically, in a way that considers all aspects of their human condition. Accurate healthcare is an apparent problem, especially in the elderly population. Older Americans are neglected because of the way society views the elderly and society looks at them in a negative way, which results in poor health care (Thewlis, 1946, p. 27). These older individuals have carried with them a life full of baggage and personal problems. Many times they fill health care facilities because as these individuals age, more and more health problems occur and the cost of treatment starts to take a toll on the patients and their families (Yelon, Luchette, 2014, p. 23).…

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