A Brief Note On The Fast Food Industry Essay example

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There are very few times when a book can bring tears to my eyes while reading them. During my time reading “Chew on this” I have never been so emotionally connected to a book. Within it are some very strong and compelling stories and topics on the fast food industry. The history of food and more specifically hamburgers , the development of the speedy service system created by the McDonald brothers in California that helped founders of KFC, Taco bell, and Carl’s Jr who were influenced by the assembly line type of service that McDonalds established and this type of service was the base of all fast food restaurants. Ray Kroc took McDonalds to the next level by franchising the business, creating a standard for the food, finding cheaper ways to buy meat, and having a keen eye for where perfect homes for the next McDonald’s would be. At this time Walt Disney was up and coming, eventually Kroc and Disney partnered creating things like McDonald land, and Disney land, putting Disney toys with happy meals and even putting a McDonalds within Disney land. Both Disney and Kroc knew exactly how to advertise to children which kept their businesses wealthy. A main theme of this book was to inform people on secrets of fast food and what is doing to our health. It was to make the reader conscious and aware of what you are putting in to your body and what goes in to your kid’s bodies. Some plot events that I felt were important to support the authors theme was, fast food was being put in to…

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