Essay on A Brief Note On St Marks Hospital Measures

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Question 1
St Marks Hospital measures its capacity in terms of its resources, partially for the reason that there is not an apparent association between the number of beds it has and the number of patients it extravagance. If all its patients need comparatively negligible conduct with only short stays in hospital, it could treat many people per week. If most of its patients required long periods of observation or convalescence, it could luxury far smaller amount. Output relies on the mixture of functionalities in which the hospital is occupied and, given that most hospitals carry out numerous diverse types of activities, output is difficult to predict. Due to some inefficiencies in its operations and human resource, the hospital is currently working at 75% capacity even though management has plans to run at 95% capacity.

The hospital currently has 4500 beds, 80% of which is reserved for patients requiring major treatment. The hospital is currently building a new wing that will increase this capacity by 30%. Once the new wing is completed, management have decided that 70% of this will be reserved for patients requiring major treatment. The hospital management is absolutely certain that once the construction of this new wing is completed, it will be able to meet all forecast demand and also have enough spare to handle sudden emergencies. You are required to calculate the following:

Current Designed Capacity
St.Marks hospital located at the Horrow and Wembly border in…

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