A Brief Note On Mark Van Doren, An American Poet Essay

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From the beginning of time, teachers are who made this world where it is today. A world consisting of a life changing medical findings, astonishing technology advances, and a world where injustice is debated throughout countries until they are solved for the better. All of these findings would be non-existent if teachers had never shared their wisdom with others. From the times of when Jesus Christ had walked the lands to share the word and teach his followers the righteous, from when Greek philosophers took stage to share their discoveries of, at the time, a geocentric view of the world, to today, a world where thousands of teachers wake up early in the morning and spend hours sharing information about the powerhouse of the cell or how to write a haiku poem to students of all ages. Mark Van Doren, an American poet, states “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”(Doren). Without teachers, a person would never know one 's potential. The potential of one day being a surgeon, a lawyer, or even the President of the United States. Teaching is one of the greatest joys in life and there is no better feeling than sharing your ideas and wisdom with one another and creating something valuable to the world. I have chosen teaching as my future profession because I 've found teaching joyful and what I believe is my calling. I know that statement is bold because I haven 't been in the teaching league. I haven 't experienced a real teaching job or position and I have yet…

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