What Is The Importance Of Teachers Are The Cornerstone Essay

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Cornerstone: An important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends or is based on. This is the motivation of the metaphor “Teachers are the cornerstone of childhood development”. Teachers are with their students around eight hours a day, five days a week, and nine out of the twelve months of the year for twelve years. Wrap the mind around this substantial amount of time, and then reread this metaphor. Teachers are the ones who are with these kids for the majority of their adolescence development; they are the ones influencing, guiding, and paving the path for the children’s future. These teachers know when their students are content, frustrated, in distress, hungry, bored, silly, every emotion the body feels throughout the day, …show more content…
Today most households are split, headed by a single adult, sometimes being a bad environment; this bad environment can be detrimental to young children sometimes. That’s why the role of teachers can be so critical, because sometimes it’s all the students can find hope in or look up to. If parents could see this important factor in the development of their kids lives maybe more students will have that impactful teacher that changes them. This metaphor will open the eyes of those parents unaware and have them make sure the school, and teacher their child has is best for them. Students who read this metaphor will hopefully be more open minded, allowing the teacher into their lives. Students who are more involved in school are the ones who are succeeding. Most important when teachers read this metaphor they will be reminded of the career they choose. A career that impacts young lives daily, that these teachers will read this and be motivated to fulfill all their duties as a teacher. By reading this metaphor, hopefully the unaware teachers will start seeing their kids as human beings with a future ahead of them rather than a grade in their

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