Essay on A Brief Note On Animal Welfare And Ethics

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Throughout my entire life I have been involved with agriculture. My father is a corn and hay farmer with a few cherry orchards; my grandpa raises beef cattle which we should show at the County fair every year, and now my husband is a Dairy Farmer. I felt like my knowledge relating to issues in Animal Agriculture was pretty broad coming into this class, but as the term has progressed I’ve noticed that I was pretty bias to a lot of issues, as well as having limited knowledge on certain subjects. When it comes to the issues of grazing I felt like my knowledge was limited, I was not aware of all the negative impacts grazing has on land. Animal Welfare and Ethics I understand pretty well and still have a lot of the same views. And lastly, I have learned much more about Animal Biotechnology than I ever thought I would know. I have always though of Grazing as a great way to use land. When public lands are available for lease by farmers to help feed animals, I’ve viewed it as a great was to use resources that are available to us. Grazing can help limit the expense of feed for their animals as well as give them room to roam and not be confined in spaces. It seems that grazing could help alter some people’s views about keeping animals confined in small spaces. However, people still seem to have a problem with grazing. The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology states, “The environmental impacts of livestock on grazing lands can be prevented, minimized, or…

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