A Brief Note On Abdul 's Needs, The Most Common Way Of Collecting Data

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Method of Research Features Advantages Disadvantages Suitability to Abdul’s needs

Postal Survey The most common way of collecting data. It involves sending questionnaires to consumers in the post. The questions can be designed to make sure that Abdul’s research is as relevant as possible, allowing him to collect the correct data for his target market. He would also be able to produce many surveys at a low cost, so he can gain a wide variety of responses. The surveys could ultimately just end up in the bin, which could be a waste of money for Abdul as it is a small business. It will also take time for Abdul to analyse the results from all of the surveys, and some of the questions could confuse consumers so that the responses aren’t very detailed or useful to Abdul. On one hand, this is a very cheap way for Abdul to collect data from the inhabitants of the local area. On the other hand, it will take a lot of time for him to analyse all of the responses, and some forms may be incomplete. However I think that Abdul should send out some surveys as it is a low cost way for him to gain a variety of responses that overall will help him with his market research.

One to One Interview An interview where Abdul will ask a single consumer questions. Abdul will be able to pose the questions in a way that the consumer will be able to understand, so that there will be no miscommunication and vague responses. He will be able to ask the exact questions that…

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