Advantages And Disadvantages Of Collecting Data In Research

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There are two types of questionnaires used to collect data in research , structured and semi-structured. Questionnaires are normally a list of questions written in advance, they are usually used to carry out surveys. Structured questionnaires ask closed questions where respondents can only chose preselected answers. this will gather quantative advantage of using this research method to collect data is that it is less time consuming to create and anaylse collected data than research methods such as interviews and observations. Another advantage of using structured questionnaires is that it is cheap to collect the data using this method and can be mass produced collecting a large quantity of data representing a large amount of the target population meaning results van be generalised. However a weakness of using structured questionnaires is that there is a low response rate due to lack of interest which can cause data top not be collected. another weakness is that questionnaires may lead to confusion or inaccurate answers dues to not understanding questions
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Another strength of using obvert observations would be that the researcher will have access to difficult group such as gangs. A

weakness of using obvert observation is that it might produce demand characteristics meaning the participants know they are being observed which might change their behavior limiting the validity of using obvert observations, Another disadvantage would be that people may not agree to take part and therefore the sample size would be small meaning findings can not be

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