Desire For Fame

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Gountas, S., Reeves, R. A., & Moran, L. (2012). Desire for fame: Scale development and association with personal goals and aspirations. Psychology & Marketing, 29(9), 680-689. doi:10.1002/mar.20554
The desire for fame appears to be an aspiration for many people, which is associated with material wealth, social recognition, and admiration. Recently, reality TV has provided the opportunity for ordinary people to become famous with little effort or outstanding achievement. A literature review revealed no scale to measure the desire for fame that is not specifically concerned with celebrity worship or personality, but related to the perception of lifestyle benefits associated with being famous. The key objective of this study was to develop a scale to measure the desire for fame and test its validity and reliability. The scale items were developed through the literature review and exploratory interviews. A pilot study was conducted to test the relationship between the desire for fame and external goals, which indicated positive associations. A second, online survey was
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Lisa the author of ‘’Absurdly American: Rediscovering the Representation of Violence in The Zoo Story.” believes that the zoo story does not belong to the theater of the absurd. The zoo story is a reflection of society’s value during that period. Lisa in this document reviews the alienation that was prevalent between people at that time. Moreover, she believes that Jerry senses that his life is hopeless; consequently, he chooses to defeat himself. Peter seems to be very ignorant of what Jerry means. What Jerry was hoping to have is a little recognition from the unconscious people who only care about their selves. Lisa provides different explanations of jerry’s acts. Furthermore, Lisa provides an in depth explanation of the different objects and acts in the zoo story, so she explains their significance and their reflection in

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