Essay about A Brief Note On A Parent 's Rights

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Severancing a parent’s rights is a process and the case could take some time, anywhere from a few months to years. Each case maybe different and handled differently, depending on the circumstances that a case be filed for severance. It also depends on the Judge assigned to the case on how the case will proceed. When a person is a foster parent and is looking to adopt the child that they are caring for, such as myself, the process could be extremely stressful and aggravating at times. Even more so when the foster parent is acquainted with the biological parent and recognizes that the biological parent is incapable of caring for a child. The state must follow a process before severancing a parent’s rights to a child to substantiate that the parent is unable to care for the child. Currently, I am fostering a child who was taken away from her Mother by the Department of Child Safety the day after she was born. The Mother had three other children before the one that I am fostering. My older sister decided to foster those three children while the case was still pending. They had found the biological Mother incapable of caring for those three children and severed her rights. My older sister later filed to adopt those three to keep them together and it was granted. The biological Mother got pregnant again and is now in the process of a severance/family reunification case with the Department of Child Safety for my foster daughter. It had been less than two years from her rights…

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